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Via Alta Vallemaggia

The Tomeo Valley and its hut are an important waypoint and resting place on the Via Alta Vallemaggia. A 19-stage trek that crosses 

the ridges that separate Vallemaggia from the Verzasca Valley. All along the route, your gaze wanders over valleys and ridges that fade into the horizon; you come across abandoned or still-occupied mountain pastures, cross pastures, larch forests and imposing stony ground, leaning on or clinging to the living rock.


An intense feeling of adventure and freedom.

Stage 04

Cap. Alpe Spluga (1838m) -  Cap. Tomeo (1739m)

  • Stage length: 8.7 km

  • Ascent: 1020 m

  • Descent: 1120 m

  • Maximum altitude: 2223 m

  • Duration: 6h

  • Difficulty: T5



Stage 05

Cap. Tomeo (1739m) - Cap. Barone (2172m)

  • Stage length: 10.1 km

  • Ascent: 1530 m

  • Descent: 1100 m

  • Maximum altitude: 2564 m

  • Duration: 7h

  • Difficulty: T4

Broglio - Hut and Lake Tomeo

A well-marked path leads from the village of Broglio into the Tomeo Valley; with a difference in altitude of 1,000 metres, it reaches the Corte Grande terrace, where there is a lake and an alpine hut.

In places, it winds steeply upwards at the base of sheer rock faces, giving us an insight into the difficulties and hardships that the mountain people of the past had to endure. On reaching the summit, the view over the valley floor and the surrounding peaks is worth the effort.

Duration: 2.5–3 hours

Difficulty: T2–T3

Difference in altitude: 1000 metres

Tomeo Hut - Prato Sornico

From the Bassa di Pertüs (2156 m), descend into the valley of the same name to the Pradeo mountains (1000 m). The village of Prato Sornico is then accessed via a dirt road. This well-marked route allows you to discover a charming part of the Valle di Prato.

Duration: 4–5 hours

Difficulty: T2–T3

Difference in altitude: 1000 metres

Tomeo Hut - Sonogno

An exciting crossing between the two main valleys in the Locarno region: Vallemaggia and Valle Verzasca. From Capanna di Tomeo, you reach Bassa da Pertüs (2156 m) and after an easy crossing, you reach Forcarella di Redorta (2181 m).


The route then descends through the Redorta Valley to the village of Sonogno.

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: T3

Tomeo Hut - Val Cocco
- Menzonio / Brontallo

A beautiful hike to discover wild places and surprising alpine settlements.


From Capanna Tomeo, follow a section of the Via Alta Vallemaggia in a southerly direction as far as Bassa di Chènt (2224 m) and the Pass di Pign trail. From this point, a well-marked path leads down through the Val Cocco to the valley floor and crosses the River Maggia over the historic Merla Bridge.

Duration: 5 hours

Difficulty: T3/T4

Tomeo Hut - Monte Zucchero

A pyramid-shaped mountain and an important orographic junction offering a wonderful panorama. The upper part of the route is not marked on the ground and is poorly signposted. The pass must be reached on the left-hand side of Monte Zucchero and climbed by following a gully on the Verzasca side.


A topographic map, a descriptive guide and adequate equipment are essential.

Duration: 3 hours

Difficulty: T3/T4

Tomeo Hut - Pizzo Val Mala

The peak is slender and striking when viewed from Capanna Tomeo. It overlooks small, steep and wild secondary valleys. It can be reached from Piodìna, the highest of Alpe Tomeo's pastures, by climbing a steep slope that leads directly to the summit, from which point you can enjoy a vast panorama of the Lavizzara valley.

Duration: 2.5 hours

Difficulty: T3/T4


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